“Bill Geist Attends the Reel Awards: The Oscars of Celebrity Impersonators in Las Vegas – CBS News”

In 2010, CBS News correspondent Bill Geist attended the Reel Awards in Las Vegas, an event that celebrates the best in celebrity impersonation. Unlike the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s red carpet, this event featured a lineup of lookalikes, from famous actors to renowned singers and even past presidents. Geist had the opportunity to meet and chat with these talented impersonators, as well as Janna Joos, who operates a talent agency specializing in these faux celebrities. The segment originally aired on “Sunday Morning” on March 7, 2010.

Main Characters Biography:
– Bill Geist: A long-time correspondent for CBS News, particularly known for his work on “Sunday Morning.”
– Janna Joos: The owner of a talent agency that represents celebrity impersonators.

Short History:
The Reel Awards is an annual event that honors the skill and creativity of celebrity impersonators. It brings together some of the best lookalikes from around the world to celebrate their contributions to entertainment.

Random Section with Bullet Points:
– The Reel Awards includes categories such as:
– Best Actor Impersonator
– Best Music Artist Lookalike
– Best Political Figure Double
– Impersonators often spend years perfecting their craft.
– The event is a highlight for many in the impersonation community, offering a chance for recognition and networking.

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