“Cayley Jenner’s Pregnancy: Expecting Twins with Brandon Jenner – Exclusive Family News from PEOPLE”

Cayley and Brandon Jenner are excited to announce that they are expecting another baby in August. The couple, who tied the knot in January 2020, already have twins born that same year. Cayley, 38, took two pregnancy tests before revealing the news to Brandon, 42, in December.

Brandon had a hunch that Cayley was pregnant and guessed correctly based on timing. The couple conceived on Thanksgiving, which they find cute and special. They are thrilled to be adding another baby to their family and plan to keep the baby’s sex a surprise until birth.

The Jenners are already parents to twin boys Bo and Sam, 4, and daughter Eva, 8. They informed Eva first about the pregnancy by giving her a onesie on Christmas Eve. The boys have also noticed their mom’s growing belly and are excited to be big brothers.

The new baby will join the family’s Malibu home, which includes 14 pets: a tortoise named Tortellini, two dogs named Onyx and Ludo, and 11 chickens with unique names like Goldie McGlittershorts and Lady Marmalade.

Cayley’s pregnancy journey will be featured on the couple’s plant-based cooking series “At Home with the Jenners” on UnchainedTV. Cayley has been craving citrus fruits, sandwiches, and sweet treats like granola, yogurt, and berries during this pregnancy.

– Cayley Jenner is 38 years old
– Brandon Jenner is 42 years old
– They got married in January 2020
– They welcomed twins in 2020
– They are expecting another baby in August
– They have three children: Eva (8), Bo (4), and Sam (4)
– They have 14 pets
– Their cooking series is called “At Home with the Jenners”

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