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Dan Levy, best known for his role in the hit TV show “Schitt’s Creek,” kept his latest project a secret from his parents until its premiere. The actor and director, who worked closely with his father, Eugene Levy, on the popular series, chose to embark on his directorial film debut, “Good Grief,” without involving his family.

“Good Grief” is a Netflix dramedy that follows the journey of a new widower as he navigates the grieving process and confronts difficult truths with the help of friends in Paris. Dan Levy revealed on TODAY with Hoda and Jenna that his parents were unaware of the movie until they attended the premiere. Both of his parents were deeply moved by the film, expressing their emotions through tears at the event.

Dan Levy felt that taking on this project independently was a necessary step for his career. He explained that after collaborating with his father for so long on “Schitt’s Creek,” he needed to do something on his own and wanted to surprise his parents with the outcome.

Before “Good Grief,” Dan Levy was part of a family ensemble in “Schitt’s Creek.” The show featured Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose, Dan Levy as his son David Rose, and Eugene’s daughter Sarah Levy as Twyla Sands. The Rose family also included Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose and Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose, the family’s quirky matriarch.

Dan Levy and Catherine O’Hara recently reunited at Paris Fashion Week in March 2023, sharing a joyful selfie on Instagram.

Here’s a brief history and biography of the main characters:

– Dan Levy: Actor, writer, director, and producer, best known for co-creating and starring in “Schitt’s Creek.” He has won multiple awards for his work on the show.
– Eugene Levy: Veteran actor and comedian, known for his roles in the “American Pie” film series and “Schitt’s Creek,” which he co-created with his son Dan.
– Catherine O’Hara: Award-winning actress and comedian, famous for her roles in “Home Alone,” “Beetlejuice,” and “Schitt’s Creek.”
– Annie Murphy: Actress who gained fame for her role as Alexis Rose in “Schitt’s Creek” and has since starred in the series “Kevin Can F**k Himself.”

Key points about “Good Grief”:
– Dan Levy’s directorial film debut
– A Netflix dramedy about grief and self-discovery
– Set in Paris
– Dan Levy’s parents had an emotional reaction at the premiere
– Represents a new chapter in Dan Levy’s career

This story was originally featured on TODAY.com.

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