“Dedham Catering Company’s Plan to Expand Services for Families in Hotels Rejected”

The town of Dedham, Massachusetts has rejected a permit that would have allowed a catering company to expand its services to feed hundreds of unhoused individuals. The decision was made during a contentious Zoning Board meeting on Wednesday night. Giri Hotel Management had sought the permit to expand operations at the currently vacant Victory Grille on Elm Street, which has been closed for two years.

Giri Hotel Management has been preparing food at the empty restaurant for residents at the nearby Inn Dedham, which it owns. A representative for the company stated during the meeting that they are currently serving over 400 guests and have about four employees working in the kitchen. The company owns several local hotels, nine of which house homeless individuals and newly arrived migrants.

Giri had hoped to increase its capacity to prepare meals for other hotels it owns that are part of the state’s emergency shelter assistance program. However, despite some residents supporting the permit, the majority were against it due to concerns about potential negative impacts on the neighborhood, such as increased traffic and business activity.

The town of Dedham has stated that Giri Hotel Management can continue to cook and serve food, but only to residents of their neighboring hotel. Currently, there are 161 families, including newly arrived migrants, living in two Dedham hotels, one of which is the Inn Dedham. Following the decision, Giri Hotel Management has announced plans to look for a different facility.

Source: nbcboston.com

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