Is Splurging on Luxury Hotels Worth Your Money? An Insight into High-End Hotels Costing $600 or More – View from the Wing

A lively debate is currently taking place on social media about the value of expensive hotels. The question being asked is whether these high-end accommodations are significantly better than their cheaper counterparts to justify their hefty price tags. Some argue that a slight increase in price can indeed result in a better stay, but once the cost exceeds a few hundred dollars, the additional benefits become negligible.

Personally, I believe there’s a lot of subtlety to this issue. While I don’t usually spend $600 or more per night on hotel rooms, I do use points to stay at hotels that cost much more than this. My controversial opinion is that these expensive hotels can indeed offer a lot for the money, but I’m hesitant to spend that much myself, especially since I haven’t reached my savings goals yet.

I don’t typically stay at the world’s most exclusive hotels. However, I have stayed at some of the better chain hotels, such as Park Hyatts in various locations around the world, and nicer Ritz-Carltons.

Hyatt’s SLH partnership has allowed me to redeem points for stays at some special properties, like a $1600 per night hotel on Grace Bay Beach. Often, part of what you’re paying for is the location. For example, at the Park Hyatt Sydney, you have a direct view of the harbor and the Opera House.

The question of whether a 40,000 point hotel is worth it when you can get a nice place for 20,000 points is one that comes up frequently when discussing points hotels. This question can also be applied to other areas, such as choosing to fly business class over coach, buying a $60,000 car over a $30,000 one, or purchasing an $800,000 house over a $400,000 one.

In my opinion, some of the most important elements of a great hotel that commands a price premium and feels worth it include effortlessness, design and sense of place, space and serenity, and discrete service.

When time is more valuable than money, and you don’t want to spend your precious time or effort on the details of your stay, then spending money for other people to handle those details for you can be worthwhile.

However, prices can vary greatly, even for the best places. During peak times around popular events, even mid-range hotels might charge over $600, while during off-peak times, you may get a hotel that usually charges $600 – $900 for perhaps $300.

So, are expensive hotels (whether in money or points) worth the extra cost? That’s a question each individual must answer for themselves.


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