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Hollywood Life, a celebrity news website, has been acquired by 10PM Curfew from its previous owner. The new owner plans to integrate the site’s content about stars, celebs, and royals into its own social media presence and brand partnerships.

10PM Curfew’s co-founder and CEO, Razvan Romnescu, stated that they plan to maintain the editorial voice of Hollywood Life while also focusing on breaking news, entertainment, and spotlights on creators, brands, and artists. The company aims to create a more unified connection between Hollywood Life’s journalism and 10PM Curfew’s online content and branded material.

Hollywood Life was launched in 2009 by Bonnie Fuller, a veteran celebrity magazine editor, with Penske Media Group. Fuller took full control of the publication three years ago and sold it last August to Factz, a digital media startup. Factz had plans to relaunch the site with a new mobile app and expand into events and exclusive celebrity collaborations but ended up selling to 10PM Curfew.

10PM Curfew has been around since 2012 and focuses on maximizing content opportunities on social media platforms and mobile devices. The company plans to bridge the gap between traditional media and social media for Hollywood Life by creating content that stays on each platform and avoids reduced viewership from off-site links.

The new owner also plans to expand Hollywood Life’s staff and shift the site’s publishing philosophy to be more data-driven and focused on exclusives. They also plan to change the cadence of story production to focus on quality over quantity.

10PM Curfew has deals with major brands such as Dunkin’ Donuts and Tinder and can now create advertorial content for Hollywood Life as well. The company also plans to offer a unified approach to partners that includes social-first campaigns and editorial content.

The acquisition comes amid a challenging time for media companies, with layoffs, bankruptcies, and sell-offs. However, 10PM Curfew’s deal is an example of a social-media-first company buying a news site from an established media powerhouse.

Romanescu’s company has staff across Europe, Canada, and the United States, with both Romanescu and his co-founder based in Panama City. The Hollywood Life staff remains based in Los Angeles. The company is also considering other acquisitions but wants to ensure they can handle them responsibly.

Main Characters Biography:
– Razvan Romnescu: Co-founder and CEO of 10PM Curfew
– Bonnie Fuller: Veteran celebrity magazine editor who launched Hollywood Life in 2009

Short History:
– Hollywood Life launched in 2009 by Bonnie Fuller with Penske Media Group
– Fuller took full control three years ago
– Sold to Factz last August
– Acquired by 10PM Curfew recently

Bullet Points:
– 10PM Curfew acquires Hollywood Life
– Plans to integrate content into social media presence
– Maintain editorial voice while focusing on breaking news and spotlights
– Expand staff and shift publishing philosophy
– Deals with major brands for advertorial content
– Acquisition comes amid challenging time for media companies

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