“Met Gala Attendees Face Backlash for Ignoring Conflict in Gaza: Celebrity Blocklists Grow on Social Media – NPR”

The recent Met Gala in New York City sparked a social media movement to hold celebrities accountable for their silence on the conflict in Gaza. TikTok users and others on social media platforms have been creating and sharing videos with hashtags like #celebrityblocklist, urging people to block celebrities who have not spoken out against the violence in the region. The campaign gained momentum after the Met Gala, with users compiling lists of celebrities who attended the event and labeling them as “silent” if they had not publicly addressed the issue.

Zendaya, one of the celebrities named on these lists, had previously shown support for Palestine in an October post but had not made any recent statements, leading to her inclusion on the “silent” list. The push to boycott celebrities is aimed at pressuring them to use their influence to help stop the violence in Gaza, though it is unclear how effective this strategy will be.

Some experts argue that the focus on celebrity silence distracts from the actual issue at hand, while others believe that any action is better than none. Despite some celebrities losing followers on social media, the impact on their overall influence and revenue is minimal. Additionally, blocking celebrities does not prevent targeted ad campaigns from reaching users.

The controversy has also brought attention to social media platforms like TikTok, which benefit from the trending discussions. While the outcome for the people of Gaza remains uncertain, those participating in the social media campaign feel a sense of agency in their efforts to enact change.

Main Characters Biography and Short History:
– Zendaya: An American actress and singer who rose to fame on the Disney Channel series “Shake It Up.” She has since starred in major films like “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “The Greatest Showman” and won an Emmy for her role in the HBO series “Euphoria.” Zendaya is known for her activism and has spoken out on various social issues.

Bullet Points (Random Section):
– Social media movement to block celebrities silent on Gaza conflict
– Gained traction after Met Gala event
– Zendaya included on “silent” list despite previous support for Palestine
– Campaign aims to pressure celebrities to use their influence
– Unclear effectiveness of strategy
– Focus on celebrity silence may distract from actual issue
– Minimal impact on celebrity revenue and influence
– Social media platforms benefit from trending discussions
– Participants feel a sense of agency in efforts to enact change

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