“New Hotel Developments Emerging Across Billings: Latest Updates on Construction”

Curious about the new construction next to REI in Billings? Our family was too. Last week, while spending Christmas gift cards at the mall and various shops in Shiloh Crossing, we found ourselves speculating about the new building near the Shiloh/King Ave West roundabout.

The construction site is dominated by three, four-story elevator shafts. We wondered if it would be a residential/retail complex like Shiloh Commons or a hotel. If you guessed a hotel, you’re right.

Property tax information reveals that the land is owned by Billings Shiloh Hotel, LLC, a company with a PO Box in Idaho Falls. The hotel’s actual name and brand are yet to be determined. It could be a Hilton, Days Inn, Marriot, Best Western, or something entirely different.

Billings already has at least 30 hotels, and more are on the way. In spring 2022, local media reported record hotel occupancy rates of 87% in Billings, possibly spurring the development of new hotel properties. The Avid Hotel recently opened across from Rib and Chop House.

Construction is also ongoing on Overland Avenue where a new, locally-owned hotel is being built on the site of a former movie theater. The old theater building is being transformed into a convention center.

In addition to the new hotels, another building is under construction in the same area. If you were hoping for a new restaurant, you might be disappointed to learn it’s going to be a new branch of Billings Federal Credit Union. But hey, at least it’s not another casino, car wash, or coffee shop!

Source: billingsmix.com

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