Omaha Businesses and Hotels Prepare for March Madness in Downtown Omaha

In downtown Omaha, Nebraska, businesses of all sizes are gearing up for the March Madness frenzy. Signs welcoming fans have been erected throughout the city.

Andrew Meyers from DJ’s Dugout expressed his excitement, stating, “This is one of the weeks we look forward to every year.” He anticipates this to be one of the busiest weekends of the year.

To cater to the expected surge in customers, Meyers said, “We’re upping our orders, we’re getting more beer, more liquor, more everything.” The sports bar is also set to broadcast the game on every TV.

Meyers added, “If there’s a sports event you want to watch, we pretty much have it.”

The March Madness event has already led to an increase in hotel prices and demand. Hilton officials informed 6 News that they currently have a 60 percent occupancy rate. As per their website, the average price for a hotel room is currently $200.

Meyers stated, “We just got to hit the ground running and adapt and figure out what we can do.”

Omaha has been a host for the first two rounds of the NCAA periodically since 2008.


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