Report: Health Department Finds Bed Bugs at Four Las Vegas Strip Hotels

The Southern Nevada Health Department has reported the discovery of bed bugs in rooms at four Las Vegas Strip properties over the past few months. The affected hotels include the Excalibur, the Mirage, the Venetian, and the Encore. Despite these findings, no fines were issued to any of the hotels following investigations and treatments.

In one instance, a guest at the Excalibur in October 2023 reported bed bugs in their room. The hotel conducted an investigation and, upon confirmation of bed bugs by the Southern Nevada Health Department, treated the affected room.

Similarly, a guest at the Mirage in the same month reported bed bugs and was refunded by the hotel. The room was treated after crews found bed bugs in the box spring mattress. However, no bed bugs were discovered during a subsequent visit by health department officials.

In September, a guest at the Venetian reported bed bugs and was relocated to another suite. The health department confirmed the presence of bed bugs during an inspection, and the room was treated shortly after.

The last report came from a guest at the Encore in December 2023, who suspected bed bugs in her room. A bed bug detection dog was brought in and found a single live bug. The room was immediately removed from service and treated for bed bugs.


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