Green Bay-area Hotels Preparing for 2025 NFL Draft Guests and Accommodations

The NFL Draft is set to kick off in Detroit this Thursday, with Green Bay, Wisconsin gearing up to host the 2025 NFL Draft in less than a year. The event is expected to draw about 250,000 visitors to Green Bay, nearly matching the entire population of Brown County. This influx of visitors will result in a surge in demand for hotel rooms and key cards in the city.

Local hotels are preparing to accommodate the influx of guests, with many likely to start appearing online in the coming days or early next month. For instance, Tundra Lodge is currently accepting bookings only up until February 1, 2025, months ahead of the draft. Meanwhile, the Astor House Bed & Breakfast has a two-night minimum stay policy during the draft week, with prices starting at around $750 a night.

Cameron Teske, Discover Green Bay Vice President of Visitor Experiences, expressed excitement about the opportunity to showcase the community to visitors. He encouraged guests to enjoy their time in Green Bay and share their experiences with friends, encouraging them to return regularly.

In addition to accommodating regular visitors, the NFL also requires its own rooms. The Greater Green Bay Chamber estimates that the event will boost the local economy by about $20 million.

The visitor center is collaborating with hotels, restaurants, and other venues to ensure visitors have the best possible experience. As the event draws closer, more hotel rooms are expected to become available online. Teske’s team is working closely with hotels to ensure all visitors feel welcome.

For those planning to stay near Lambeau for the draft or hosting visiting friends or family, it is advised to keep checking for room availability as more bookings are slowly becoming available.


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