Guide to Checking Individual Hotel Availability for San Diego Comic-Con on OnPeak

The past few weeks have been challenging for those who were unable to secure a hotel during this year’s General Hotel Sale for the San Diego Comic-Con. The availability of hotel rooms in the block reserved for the event has been lower than ever, with only a few hotels appearing available at random times. This has led to a stressful situation for attendees, who have been hastily booking any available hotel, often resulting in split-stays or gaps in their reservations.

The Twitter account @sdccHotelTrackr has been a valuable resource for attendees trying to find missing reservations. The account posts updates as rooms become available on OnPeak, the official hotel booking partner for San Diego Comic-Con. However, due to the way the OnPeak website operates, not all available nights at hotels are displayed. To address this issue, @sdccHotelTrackr has created a list of hotels with direct links, allowing attendees to check availability for specific dates at their chosen hotel.

To use these links, attendees first need to open the hotel link on OnPeak. The link will then convert to a URL with a number at the end. Attendees should delete “#hotels” from this URL and replace it with the end of the URL for their chosen hotel from the list provided by @sdccHotelTrackr. It’s important to note that most hotels require a two-night deposit or minimum stay, so this method is most effective for those looking to extend their stay by an extra night.

The list provided by @sdccHotelTrackr includes a wide range of hotels, from the Andaz San Diego and Bay Club Hotel & Marina to the Wyndham San Diego Bayside. With this resource, attendees should find it easier to secure their accommodation for the San Diego Comic-Con.


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