“Jennifer Sigman: Acing the Trade of Hotel Management as Director of Operations for Five Hotels”

Jennifer Sigman, a resident of Chillicothe, believes that everything happens for a reason. As a child, she was quiet, focused, and mature for her age. Her initial dream was to become a teacher, often playing school with her stuffed animals and her mother. However, as she grew older and learned more in school, she discovered her love for numbers and decided to aim for a career as a CPA.

Interestingly, Sigman never considered becoming a hotel general manager or a director of operations. In high school, she worked at a bed and breakfast, cleaning rooms and working in the kitchen. Although she didn’t see herself doing this for a living, she admired the owners and found the idea of owning a bed and breakfast fascinating due to the opportunity to meet new people and provide them with memorable experiences.

Today, Sigman is the director of operations for CP Management Co., a company that manages five hotels. Her responsibilities include directing employee daily activities and ensuring that all financial, customer service, and employee performance exceed expectations.

Sigman spent most of her childhood in Danville (near Mt. Vernon) and graduated from Danville High School in 1990. She holds a CHA (certified hotel administrator) certificate from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute and is currently studying business management at the University of Phoenix.

Her career path has seen her hold various roles in the hospitality field such as housekeeper, guest service representative, group sales, weekend manager, assistant manager, and general manager. She started her journey at Carlisle Inn of Walnut Creek and assisted with the opening of the Carlisle Inn Sugarcreek.

After taking a short break of about three years, Sigman served as the retail director of operations for a small cheese house in Baltic, OH, where she opened a second retail location in Zanesville. This position sparked her interest in marketing.

Later on, Sigman and her husband started their own retail store/bakery, but they decided that it wasn’t the right fit for them. She then applied for a sales manager position at the Coshocton Village Inn under CP Management Co. and eventually became the general manager of the hotel. After several years, she moved to Fairfield Inn and Suites in Chillicothe as the general manager, which led to her promotion to director of operations for CP Management Co.

Fred Ashbrook, vice president of CP Management Company, appointed Sigman to director of operations in April 2023. He commends her wide range of knowledge in the hotel business and believes her leadership, vision, and experience will guide the team at CP Management Company in their management responsibilities.

Looking back at her career journey, Sigman admits that she initially saw her job as just that – a job. However, she quickly fell in love with the hospitality industry and found the entire process fascinating. She also values the friendships she has formed along the way.

Sigman believes that everyone has a set path and doors will open when they’re supposed to. She encourages people to be open to ideas and look for their path, understanding that everything happens for a reason and it’s up to individuals to understand the reason and grow.

For more information about C.P. Management Co., visit www.christopherhotels.com.

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